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I have had a beard for quite a while now after burying the goatee back in 2012.  While my head might be clean shaven, I don’t think my face has been for a decade and I like it that way.  Lately I have been wrestling with the length of the beard and dialed that back a bit.  But I do like having it, even with the color fading!

Going bald, I was done with getting my hair cut. Recently though I have re-discovered the barber while getting a perfect trim around the face.  I’ve had mixed experiences with a few shops, but it has been a great experience overall.

First thing when growing out the beard I found is that irritation is easy when it comes to using basic shampoo, or body wash.  Big fan of the CREMO brand of products now and here is what I use.


In the shower, I still use body wash or shampoo to wash.  Then I use the CREMO beard softener (conditioner) every day.  Doesn’t take much, and it comes in little 4oz bottle, but huge difference in softness which helps on the irritation.

This stuff isn’t cheap, so I tend to search the web for a deal on it.  I have bought it from Amazon, Google Express, Target, or wherever it is cheapest at the time.

After the shower

On top of conditioning every day, I add some of the Beard and Scruff cream right onto my jawline.  This is the second punch to keep irritation down.


I also like to add some oil on occasion and blow dry the beard straight down.  Same company for the stuff.  Makes the beard really soft.


Love to hear comments and tips out there.  And if anyone else uses this stuff.  Let me know!



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