Not everyone is a Technician

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This blog is not intended to be overly technical.  In fact, my plan here is to give relatively simple explanations for the things I feel my family, extended family, friends and friends of friends should know more about.

I may dive deep into something once in a while, I have been working in IT most of my life.  I have managed large teams and worked on some major projects.  But I do enjoy explaining the technical stuff, especially when it helps you understand why it is so important to know.  Maybe about security, or maybe just about what something is.  I try not be long winded, then again some things just have a lot to them so it take a lot more time and effort to understand.

Always happy for a comment or question and appreciate your positive feedback as well.  Please share with friends and family, and if you are the technical one, maybe let them digest and answer additional questions in your own way.

Hope it all helps!




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