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For anyone like me that travels long distances by car, or for work, take advantage of podcasts. They are audio and sometimes video files that you can download and bring with you.  I prefer audio podcasts and download them automatically to listen when I feel like it on the road.

How to get a PODCAST

Now you could just go to the website and watch it on your computer, tablet, etc.  But I wanted to discuss how I take them with.

There are free apps you can put on your phone, but it is completely worth buying the app POCKET CASTS.  It currently goes for $3.99 on Google Play and is worth every cent.

  • POCKET CASTS for android
    • https://bit.ly/2Y7vxm6
    • You can search for new Podcasts right from the APP
    • You can choose to download the latest podcasts from your favorites automatically!
      • I have chosen the DOWNLOAD ON WIFI option only.  That way every day I leave on my trek to the office with the latest podcasts and can just play my downloads whenever I feel like it.
      • Easy to use interface works great on Android Auto
        • Play, pause, fast forward, rewind all using my steering wheel controls
      • Play at a faster speed.  Personally I think 1.6x speed is the fastest I go, but when a subject is going slowly, I speed it up and this is great.
  • PODCASTS (from google)
    • https://bit.ly/2taLafm
    • Now had I not already been using Pocket Casts for a while, I may have just started with Google.

My PODCAST recommendations

  1. Now my blog is mainly focused on TECH.  One of my favorites is TWiT.  They have a ton of podcast shows on various subjects in the tech world.  They have audio and video options, but I prefer to just listen on the road, so I opt for audio version of the shows.
    • https://twit.tv/
    • My List (they have a lot more!)
      • All About Android
      • Security Now
      • Tech News Weekly
      • This Week in Computer Hardware
      • This Week in Enterprise Tech
      • This Week in Google
  2. ID10T
    • https://id10t.com/
    • Chris Hardwick is just generally bad ass, not just a funny guy.  I have seen him in person at a local comedy venue, and he did not disappoint!  His podcast is audio only and is just down to earth conversations with other famous personalities out there with a bunch of nerd and comedic tones.
  3. Daily Tech Headlines
  4. Android Central Podcast
  5. Bald Move Podcasts
    • http://baldmove.com/podcasts/
    • I have a few television shows I like that these guys discuss each episode.  It’s a pair of guys just telling it like it is.

I hope you find one of these recommendations as good as I do!




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