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For those that noticed my other post on PODCASTS and maybe those that just prefer books, here is a great way to listen to books.  Great for traveling, or exercising, or just at home on your Google or Echo speaker using that smart device.

Best way  I have found to do this, is start with a library card.  Yes, you need to make a short trip to your local library and get a card.  Doesn’t take much effort, and you get digital access to a huge library from home.  You could also sign up for Audible on Amazon, but that has a membership to it, in addition to your Amazon membership costs.  So for this post, I am sticking with the free way.

Here is the short list of things you need.

  1. Library Card for your local library
  2. Smart device – Phone, tablet, etc
  3. OverDrive App (optional)
    • This connect you to the library and gives you access to Books, Movies, Television shows, and Audiobooks
  4. Libby App (Overdrive Makes this as well)
    • This gives you an audiobook bookshelf and provides you with a way to reserve the books as well.  Automatically adds the book to your personal library when it is available.
  5. PC
    • for easier setup with library, but you can setup everything on your smart device

I recommend checking your new library card online first on the library site.  Generally you will logon with your library card number and a password they generated when they issued you that card at the library.  Hopefully you captured those details into your fancy password vault that I suggested in an earlier post.

Then you will add your library card in the LIBBY app on your smart device.

Next you will set preferences and search for Audiobooks, and finally choose the books you want to get.  If they are immediately available, then they will instantly download.  If not, you can reserve them and they will download when available.

Just scroll down to be bottom of the main page on LIBBY and you will have Subjects to choose from.  Or you can search for a specific book.


Bonus – You can download videos from the library too.  Full length movies and tv shows.  Use the Overdrive app for that.  It is direct stream to your smart device.




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