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Thought I’d chime in with some great info on travel. With the costs of flights, and cars, and hotels, and a hundred sites to try and figure out the best cost, let me save you some time and likely a lot of money.

There is a rule of thumb about getting your plane tickets 60 days early. That has been really good for me, but you can watch trends and even get notifications when a price drops for your wished trip. I prefer to start seriously looking about 90 days ahead, and found that it is true that around 60 days ahead you do get a great price on flights.

Friends have turned me on to SKIPLAGGED and KAYAK for comparison shopping. I like the trends and notifications that are sent from SKIPLAGGED. You plugin your dates, and set up a notification pretty quick and easily and get updates and see trends whenever you feel like taking a look. Most people are hard set on dates, and if that is your situation pretty much ignore the top trend graph which is alternate dates and focus on the left trend graph which is your price changes recently for that trip. It is like the stock market and constantly changing, but a good reference.

Most often I setup and watch trends, get alerts, but end up finding the best price at the time of choosing right on GOOGLE FLIGHTS.  Google even has an indicator right under your flight options for price indication.


All of that research and yes ended up at Google. Now if you have a credit cards that gives you miles and deals, that might be enough to sway you direct to an airline. But for the few trips I take, this all worked best for me.

Hope this helps!

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