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Software based protection

Hopefully you have already taken some advice from my previous posts on Protecting the Kids.

Protecting the Kids (from the Internet at home)

Protecting the Kids (Cell Phones)

In truth, taking steps like these protects everyone in your home including yourself.  There are a lot of software solutions that have been around a while dedicated to virus/malware protection.  My recommendation is a simple cloud interface solution that is completely free and offers Enterprise level protection.  In other words, the level of protection I have installed in businesses.  There are advanced deployment and alert methods in the business version, but there is much of the same protection in the free home protection for PC and additional costed level of Premium if you want the absolute protection.  For free you can cover devices.  That is enough for you to sign up for yourself, and create accounts for each of your family members to protect their own devices.

Sophos Home

With that link above, you can scroll down and see the benefits of the free protection and if you do not already have any similar protection on your computer, then you have no reason not to sign up for the free edition right now!

You get a dashboard with your devices.  When you click on a device, you then can customize the protection.  For example, web filtering.   If you do not want things blocked, a great option is to set to warn.  That way you have the protection recognizing something that could potentially be bad, and you get a chance to not move forward with the next webpage just in case you did not mean to go there.

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