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Check out my previous post on FLIGHTS.  Getting there is part of the battle. Getting some rest is another part of that.  I like to take a flight that saves a ton of cash, which generally means early, late, or a day early.  Then get a hotel for that night we fly in. I setup my car rental for the next day and stay near the airport.  This gives us a good night rest, and a shuttle in the morning to get that car and off we go.


Just plug in your destination and you get the Google Maps view with pricing in the area.  Easy to select your preferences, such a breakfast, and done.

Again if you like comparison shopping from places like Travelocity, Priceline, etc, you can do that all with KAYAK.  Never any harm in price shopping for a few minutes, but I just ended up right back on Google completing my reservation.

Relax, recharge, never forget who you are with, focus on what they want/need, and let them know you appreciate them and more.

Hope this helps!



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