2FA Two Factor Authenticator

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There are several out there, and many universally work with other two factor systems like Google for example, that have their own authenticator.

What I found out recently though, is that if you lose/break your phone, it is a serious pain in the butt for a lot of those two factor clients.  They have no backup aside from backup codes you are required to put somewhere for safe keeping on your own.  Of course that means more secure, because without that original phone, your account is hard or impossible to get into.  On the other hand, a pain to recover from in many cases.

My recommendation is a program called AUTHY.  This has a backup option that works great and restores to your new phone if you upgrade, or whatever the reason you change phones is.  The backup is secured with a password.  You should make this a very complex password and save in your LASTPASS program I suggested on my other post!

Authy will scan those QR codes from any site, and add that authenticator to the list with whatever unique name you give it.

On top of that the backup feature works fantastic, and keeps those authenticators available if you erase or replace your phone.

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