Sending files over the internet

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If you need to send files over the internet, you may have just emailed them.  However if your sending something big, you will quickly find out email doesn’t allow that.  Either the sender or recipient will limit those attachments.

Here is a better way, and you can send some pretty good size files that would be limited by that method.

FireFox Send

This service allows you to send via a password protected and limited time link.  Giving you a bit of the more serious control businesses use every day.  This is really more for the personal user, but in a pinch is a great way to get the file or files over to its destination. You can send up to a 1 gigabyte file without signing in, and up to a 2.5 gigabyte file if you create a free FireFox account. Currently, that is a pretty big file, half of a standard DVD in size.

Hope you find this useful!


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