Travel and Technology (On the trip)

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A lifesaver on any out of town trip is a power pack. You can bring up to two big ones on a flight with you, but only in carry on bags. Last I checked, you are not allowed to check battery packs with luggage.

Having a power bank can help a ton during the flight, or during the connection, or even on long hikes across a town or in the woods.

One of the great things to have is a multi cable splitter for different kinds of devices.

Here is a great one that I have used and recommend to friends and family.

2Pack Multi USB Cable-ZACTEK-3 inch

This cable takes any USB power adapter and splits it out to USB 2, USB 3, and Apple. I have one in my car, on the couch, and definitely grab one for the trip.

Use this with your power bank and you have something to cover most devices.

Finally I’d recommend a USB splitter when traveling with family. When your at your destination, there is always a shortage of wall plugs whether it’s in a hotel or a spare room. A splitter like this following link can get the whole family charging in one spot. Along with that fancy cable above, you can get a lot of devices charging up.

Anker 60W 6 Port USB Wall

Hope this helps!

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