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Another lifesaver for any trip away from home… Offline maps!

Ever head out on the road only to find out your hand written directions aren’t as easy as you hoped they would be? Or you intended to use your phone along the way as a navigator but found due to spotty reception, you could not find a thing?

Before you head out on the road, take a few minutes to download offline maps for the area you’re in and traveling to. Using Google Maps is a daily thing for me. Even if I know the way, the ETA feature is handy along with details about upcoming traffic. Offline maps do not have live traffic details, but when you get that small spot of cell service, you also get that instant traffic update without you having to worry about catching that short blip of being online again.

Even if you own an Apple phone, you can still use Google Maps. Then if your in an unfamiliar place, or even in the wilderness, you have a solid map to rely on. You just need to remember to download the area map before you go. It will last for weeks before expiring, so make it part of your packing list for the trip. It won’t take much storage to do this on your phone.

Open Google maps and try this now for your home town. Zoom out on the map until you can see all of your neighboring towns and cities. Now that your have an area in mind, select options at the top. Go to Offline Maps or Download Maps, and select a new area. Zoom again to cover most of the area if not your entire state. Click download at the bottom and a few minutes later you will have the entire area along with all the points of interest.

Do this again for your destination city or state. And you’re set!

Now when you’re out and about locally or on vacation, you can rely on always having directions without any service. Hopefully you read my other posts about travel and technology and have spare power with you. Then you’re ready to tackle the roads with no fear if getting lost, or helping those that did not take a map with them.

Bonus idea for the kids. Make sure their phones all have offline maps for home and for vacation as well, so you have that piece of mind they won’t get lost either.

Hope this helps!

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