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If you have had an email address for a while, chances are you get plenty of daily spam.  Worse than that, attempts to fool you into clicking on something malicious or with malicious intent is a never ending problem.

This post is a bit on how to be aware of what is lurking in there.

Businesses are a constant target.  Impersonations are attempted all the time to try and get someone to respond thinking its a coworker or the boss.  They might have the signature, or an email address that looks like it is internal. Paranoia to a certain degree is necessary.  You should be wary of any email asking you to take an action such as give account information, or purchase gift cards.

For businesses, my team uses a strong training program. It is ongoing and almost endless customization and tests the users not once, but in an ongoing attempt to keep everyone aware of the ways the fake emails are trying to fool you.

A lot of people I know and that will read this are already very familiar with the common things to look for, and know a suspicious email when they see it.  However there are many friends and family that maybe have little to no exposure to the dangers and are not aware that the winning contest is bogus and why they should be cautious.

There is a very small version of this training that I highly recommend going through at home.  It costs nothing, and you can share the link with your family to give them a little exposure to what they need know to survive these emails.

KnowBe4 Home Course

The password is just homecourse and has 11 quick courses that you can share with everyone you know.  Definitely put your kids through the course!  They will all have email addresses soon enough if not already.  They should know what to look out for and should be asking you if they see something out of the ordinary.  One of the greatest weapons is having that open door for your kids to ask if something looks not quite right about an email.

Like a mentioned earlier, there is a much more involved training with campaigns and testing, etc, for the full fledged team.  My team has been setting up companies by completely enrolling all employees and customizing campaigns as well as generating reports on participation and results.  This is a much more involved setup, but the base benefit is the same.  Knowing how to recognize, and even what you may not have even know was capable out there.

Hope this helps!

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