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There are a lot of options when it comes to cell phones.  I have had a few starting with my first phone from a small company now long gone called VOICESTREAM.  If you remember that company, Jamie Lee Curtis was the spokesperson for them.  Yup, that was a while before smartphones.

Then I had a few others…

  • Motorola Startac
  • Some phone with a slide out keyboard (not blackberry)
  • HTC Incredible
  • Galaxy s3
  • Google Pixel 1
  • Google Pixel 3 (current)

I had work phones as well, and they were iPhone or galaxy models on the Tmobile side.

Discussing the Google Pixel 1, it was just a great phone.  It lasted up through a few weeks ago, when I just gave up on the waning battery that needed some charging throughout the day.  Short of that, it still ran the latest Android OS everything I needed it for.  It was fantastic and going on into 2 and half years of a use.  I was really trying to go for 3 years, and ordered a battery kit, and tools for attempting the battery replacement.  All I can offer from the attempt, is that it is not at all easy to replace the battery on these phones.  They were not made for replacing parts.  Having started in the technology field in the early 90s replacing components on computer monitors, then repairing computers and eventually laptops, I figured this would be easy to tackle.

Phones are just plain hard, if not personally impossible, to remove screens without damage.  You have to remove the screen on the phone to get to the battery, and I hairline cracked mine with a slow attempt.

Then with my limited experience of failure, I tried on my wife’s phone.  Thinking if I took more care and time, I could get that screen off properly.  Nope, broke that one too.  So down to the store for two phones that day.  Not a happy camper at that point.  Also thought I was in the hole a couple of grand for new phones.  Fortunately, Best Buy had a deal that day and basically was buy one get one.  That was a bit better pill to swallow, even if it was not out of pocket anyway and just on my cell phone plan.

Regardless, phones today are not meant for users to replace anything themselves including the battery.  This goes for basically all of them on the shelf.  You can pay to have it sent it to have the battery replaced, but you have to weigh what you use it for, and how sluggish he phone is getting with all the software changes/updates that have occurred since you first bought it.

So far, Google has updated the first generation right up through today with the latest.  That is on top for having the latest security updates and most of the latest features up through whatever it is capable of.  In our world of heightened security, that is very important.

This ended up long winded about the repair debacle I had with my original phone, but what I wanted to say is that the latest generation of the Pixel phone is every bit as great as the series 1 Pixel phone I had with the enhancements of the greatest camera and software to date.   I would have gone longer with that same phone, but love the new one.

Just an opinion on what I think is the greatest Android phone.

Hope this helps!



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