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As bandwidth is improving, it is making it easier to make video calls.  Voice with Video at the same time.  Way back in the late 90s, I had the privilege to work/play with a pioneer team responsible for the voice technology in gaming.  A bunch of guys came up with the technology to have voice streamed over low bandwidth at the same time we played a capture the flag style game.  The company was name Multitude, and the game FireTeam.

Sure its commonplace now for kids to play Fortnite and be talking the whole time to their friends, or first person shooters while yelling at their enemies, but this was all made possible by those who had to fit all that information into the dialup speeds we had back then.


Now you might have noticed on your fairly new smart phone, that you have the option to just dial someone in your contact list with Video.  Off you go and your in a face to face conversation.

The most popular apps for Android/Apple devices would likely be Google Duo and Facetime.  However these don’t work unfortunately for your contacts on the other brand.  So if you need something universal, check out Skype.

Skype started out with webcams in mind on the computer, but is commonly used on our smart devices from tablets to phones for easy communication and video conferencing.

Skype is not the only program out there, there are tons to choose from, but for the ease of use and universal ability to run on Computers, Tablets, SmartPhones, etc, keeping it less complicated here.   You can setup an account quickly, and find contacts by email, phone number, or invite using these options.

For those just looking for something quick and easy and on most everything with a camera, that would be my suggestion.

Hope this helps!

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