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Recently I had an overcharge from Verizon as we used up our monthly data. My wife and I are pretty aware when it comes to cell phone data usage and keep it generally low. We always use Wifi when possible, and I have also setup a VPN with my home router whenever I am using a less than secure wireless network. I’m going to start another blog post soon on VPN. Please be on the lookout for that.

Many people have moved on from capped plans to what Verizon calls UNLIMITED plans, however I have stuck to our 6 GB plan for years and been mostly content. Verizon’s so called UNLIMITED plans have plenty of limitations, and are not very cheap, so I stuck with my current plan for years. I keep my data on a tight leash generally so thought little of it. However over when you hit that limit, there is an immediate $15 overage charge no matter if you use 1 byte or 1 gigabyte.

Google Fi originally came out as Project Fi about 4 years ago following their release of their first Google PIXEL phone. Basically Google started their own service plan for phones sharing networks from several other providers. They eventually added support for IPHONEs and other Android models. I was already a long term Verizon user at that point, and switching was not the best option for me as I was getting phones every couple of years and my discounts from my work, as well as solid coverage, kept me there without thinking of moving. Even with my discounts though, I was paying up close to $200 a month regularly for my family of 4. Add another overage on top of that and my kids do not even use DATA. The monthly was getting out of hand. I was now looking at where Google Fi has come along.

Ok, finally getting to what the deal is here. So if you switch over to Google Fi for a family of 4, you can get unlimited data for $180 a month. Now INSTANTLY that is better than what I am getting now with Verizon, if I wanted everyone now to have unlimited DATA. And my kids were not even using data aside from WiFi.

Even BETTER, they have a Flexible plan. Only $65/mo for 4 people and $10 for each GB of data used. So if my family sticks with the current data usage, I save a lot per month and can always switch over to the unlimited for 4 users plan at anytime I prefer. AND, Google only charges you for what you use to the penny. So if you only used half a GB, then you only pay $5. That makes sense!

So how hard is it to switch? Not hard at all. You fill out the OPT IN agreement, and they send you SIM cards to put in your phone. Download the Google Fi app and activate your service. Took about 20 minutes to switch-over the family.

So there was one of the kids phones that was not compatible. It was an old LG model phone. You can buy a phone from Google, such as the Moto G7 for only $8.29/mo or $200. My daughter already had the compatible Moto G6 (previous model), which I picked up from Amazon. So I just ordered another refurb (you can search for reconditioned) from Amazon as that phone is only $100 and totally worth it. Great inexpensive phone! But if you want the newer model, for $200 its a steal from Google directly.

Here is a link to check if you can bring over your phone that you have now. = Compatible Phones

If you are interested in signing up for it. please please please use my referral link for Google Fi! =

We both get $20 Fi credit!

Hope this helps!

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