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Any MSP will have their preferred version of remote control support.  That should not be Remote Desktop connection, but instead some sort of agent based support tool.  Not all tools are created equal either.

So hope you enjoyed Turkey day, and if you are one of the family “computer experts”, you will most certainly have at least one family member ask you to help them with their computer.  Fortunately you can do this from the comfort of your own home, assuming their computer is at least connected to the internet.

With the modern Windows 10, there is a built in utility you may not have even known was there.  QUICK ASSIST.  Just hit your little Windows button (back in the day was known as START) and then you can type in Quick Assist to find it and use it.  You open it up, the other party opens it up, you give them a code and BAM, your connected.  Easy peasy.  Now fix it!

Quick Assist 2019-11-29 13_12_03-Clipboard

Now if you want an unattended agent on the machine, so you can get to that remote computer anytime or quicker in the future, then you need something a bit more extensive. I have used all the remote support utilities from an MSP standpoint going back from VNC, GotoMeeting, Bomgar, Kasaya, Labtech, Teamview, Logmein, and many others.

Since we are talking from a personal standpoint here, I recommend using the free license of ConnectWise Connect.  With the free license, you can only connect to one machine at a time, but you can have agents on your friends, family, and you can start a fresh remote session with no agent on their machine at all.  Similar to Quick Assist from Microsoft, you can create your own personal session with a logon code.  The best part of this free license is that you can create your own personal prefix to the web address that looks much more professional.

This is a personal version of the same ScreenConnect (Connectwise Control) that many MSPs use for Remote Management of clients.  Sign up for the free trial, and once it end, you will only loose the advanced management functions.  You will still have remote access and your very own website address to share.

You can create sessions as seen below under the SUPPORT section temporary codes I discussed earlier, or you can use the ACCESS section to create those agents for a more permanent solution to a workstation.


You have more versatility here, as it works with more operating systems than just Microsoft Windows.

As with anything that you can, make sure you enable 2FA on this under the ADMIN section so your access is secured!

Hope this helps!

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