Protecting the Kids (Bark)

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Happy New Year!

Last year when I started this blog, I added a couple of posts about Protecting the Kids.  Very important to me, and I hope you too!  Check them out!

  1. Protecting the Kids (Cell Phones)
  2. Protecting the Kids (from the Internet at home)

Security doesn’t just take place at work, you have to keep it safe at home.  And that is where this blog of mine was really trying to put things into perspective.  Maybe you have been following me for the sole purpose of making your home a safer place, and if so, glad to hear it.

Well I recently dove into a new service called BARK, which monitors our kids phones and certain applications they use.  I’m starting using it for 2020!  It works on Android, IOS (thats Apple), Amazon tablets, Chromebooks, Chrome browser on their PC.  It can monitor Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Gmail, Twitter, Discord, TikTok, Facebook, and so much more.

Bark Protects

BARK sends notifications only when sketchy activity pops up — things like sexting, cyberbullying, and online predators. This way, I don’t have to consider spending hours scrolling through all their messages like I would have to do with Norton.  BARK will consolidate the monitoring into a nice little ISSUE report.  There are still quite a few things you can do to protect your home and family, but what is great about this service is that it monitors lots of the common things kids are on and alerts keep you in the know without invading privacy.  You can set alerts for lots of subject such as Profanity, Sexual Content, Violence, and even Cyberbullying. Alerts can come by email, a phone app, and text if you want immediate notifications.

Bark Issue Review

Wouldn’t you like to know if there is a YouTube video with inappropriate content making it’s way into their playlist? Some things like Fortnite videos have some questionable content, but if I have agreed that they can watch that stuff, I can ignore it from future alerts for example.

Text messages are monitored, but not an open book.  You cannot ready their complete message history from BARK, however if something of concern is in a text being sent to your child or from your child, you will get an alert with details.  This gives you the opportunity to address it with them hopefully in a supportive conversation that you may have never had not knowing this was an issue.

Check it out! It is free for 7 days.  Please use my link to sign up for the free trial!

If you like it, you can get it for $9 a month for the whole family no matter how many kids you have which is completely worth the protection.  That covers your entire family!

Hope this helps!

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