Firewall Yourself!

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Turns out quite a few of my family members were unaware it is free to freeze your credit.  So in turn, I am making you all aware as well! Taking steps to protect yourself is absolutely necessary! 

Once upon a time, not so long ago, my parents taught me to watch out for the creepy guy when walking around town.  Now the truth is that every creepy guy/gal has access to the internet.  Whether or not you like it, they can find information on/about you.  And the truly tech malicious can get your credit information and use it for their benefit. 

What this does not stop? (with some advice there too)

  1. Someone from stealing your credit card number at a store when they have physical access to it.
    • My advice here is never use your debit card if possible.  Protect the money in your bank by using a credit card.
  2. Someone stealing your credit card info that you used online.
    • My advice here is that you use temporary card numbers for transactions.  If you have a CITI brand credit card for example, you can generate a temporary credit number right from their website.  This is meant for a one time use transaction protecting your credit line.

Back in September 2018, the Federal Trade Commission posted that it was now Federal Law that all consumers can freeze their credit for FREE!

FTC Article =

Make sure you visit all of these links below for the three major credit bureaus and get your credit secured.  This step keeps anyone from opening new credit lines in your name.  You can lock down your children’s credit as well!


Check out some of my previous posts on keeping you and your family safe!  Note that you need to create a PIN to FREEZE your credit, so keeping that in your password manager is a great idea!

Hope This Helps!

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